Feel free to contact us directly with your questions.

1. What if I already have plans drawn up?

We’re always happy to provide a tender to build based on your existing plans. We quote all our tenders as precise, and not based on rates per square metre, which can’t be always be relied on accurately. When you receive a submission from us we’ll also include a general review of the plans by our builders to flag any construction issues we might see. You’ll also be informed of any options we might see for alternative building methods and materials that could reduce costs and give you more flexibility in your overall budget.

2. Once construction starts, can I visit the site?

You’ll be invited onto the site at the handover stage and taken through your property, and talked through all workmanship carried out. Regular communication and updates are also in-built so you’ll be across everything that’s happening on site. For safety and insurance reasons regular attendance on-site is not encouraged until completion.

3. What are your typical exclusions?

We build homes with an exhaustive list of inclusions. So we can confidently say that everything you’ll want is an inclusion! Our price will essentially cover everything on your wishlist, and if it’s not there, feel free to ask us.

4. What is your average build time?

Each home project has a unique set of circumstances, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ on timing. You will be provided with completion dates once the scope of your project is locked down and contracts are in place. The sort of things that can make a difference to the timeframe can include whether your home is single or double storey and the topography of the land on which it sits. Other factors that can affect timing include the extent of the landscaping involved with your project, as well as things beyond our control like the weather, or delays from suppliers on things such as materials.

5. Do you build on narrow or sloping blocks?

Absolutely. You can see some examples in our gallery here.

Whatever you’re wishing for in your new home, contact us today